Climbing shrubs

Climbing shrubs can not only make your garden look larger, they can also help you use space that would otherwise be wasted. They help you use vertical spaces such as walls, fences and pergolas to their full advantage. If you have areas in your garden that would be better hidden, or you need to increase your privacy, then these plants are ideal as they give you quick coverage.

What’s more, their climbing habits mean that their flowers and fruit are at head height, so no bending down is necessary to see them! Some, such as Virginia creeper can climb to great heights to conceal dull walls or fences. You can create new possibilities with colourful 'pillars’ in your garden by placing a pergola or rose arch and planting climbing shrubs at its base. Garden ornaments like this give your garden depth, creating more variety. See below for Bakker Spalding's collection of climbing shrubs. It's a good idea to also check out the category 'Climbing plants' under 'Plants' when you're looking for a climber.


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