On Receipt of Your Parcel

Plant immediately
It is, of course, best to plant as soon as you have received your order. However, it could be that planting has to be delayed or maybe you can’t plant everything in one day. Anyway, it is very important that you immediately pay attention to the living products. Plants should never be allowed to dry out and in frosty weather they should be protected from frost.

Storing for a few days
Don’t put off planting the goods received for longer than a week. If you wait longer, the quality will deteriorate, mainly because circumstances for ‘storing’ are seldom ideal.

Storing longer
The roots of woody products - such as shrubs and trees - are prone to drying out. Such products should be protected from wind and sun even during planting; a hedge for example. The roots of all products should preferably be heeled-in until planting them where they are to grow. The method of heeling-in, which is actually the best, is much used by tree-nurserymen, professional horticulturists etc. Make a temporary trench, one side slanted and place the plants in the trench, the stems on the slanted side (supported by the dug out soil). Water the roots well and cover them with soil. This way they are well-protected. In frosty weather the stems and branches should also be covered, for example with an old cloth or sacking.

Other methods of storing

  • Place in a shed or garage with some ventilation and light. Woody products without leaves and root ball should be protected from drying out by means of sacking or pieces of cloth.
  • Woody products can also be laid down outdoors in a sheltered and shady spot. Cover with soil.
  • Evergreen shrubs and conifers can be put aside in a shady spot. They should be watered. Protect from wind and sun, for example by means of a wind screen. Leave the roots in their netting until planting. If necessary, some moist soil or peat may be scattered between and over the root balls.

Never plant in frozen soil! Always wait until there is no more frost in the ground.

Tips for Storing

  • Bulbs, tubers and corms should be stored in a dry, airy and frost-free place. The bags should be opened. Damp surroundings may cause mildew. It is recommended to keep freesias at room temperature. Keep the respective labels with the plants. You will need them later on.
  • Pot plants, packed in transparent material, can be stored for a short period of time. Remove the packaging and if necessary, water the plant. It is best to store the plants in cool, moist and light surroundings.
  • Plants in closed bags: Open the packing and put in a cool place.
  • Shrubs without root ball (roses, fruit bushes and fruit trees included) are packed in plastic bags. The roots of trees are also protected this way. Don’t open the bag - put the plant, in the bag, in cool and moist surroundings, preferably not in the dark. Plant as soon as possible, otherwise the quality will deteriorate.
  • Conifers and shrubs with root ball should be stored in cool and moist surroundings. Make sure that they don’t dry out. If they appear to be too dry, the whole root ball should be soaked well in water. Plant as soon as possible, otherwise the quality will deteriorate. Leave the netting in place during storage.
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