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    Cold and frost are a garden’s worst enemies in winter. Protection is essential for some plants. This can be provided simply by giving the plants a warm cover. Various materials can be used for this*. Straw, pine branches, leaves and reed cuttings are suitable, as are sacking and perforated sheeting.

  • Some shrubs produce magnificent berries after flowering, giving a second display of glory...

  • Orangeries are large conservatories for tender plants. Originally intended for the propagation of orange trees, hence the name, they soon housed all manner of exotic plants and became sought after as important symbols of status among the wealthy.

  • In the cosy month of December we spend most of our time indoors as the weather is cold and sunshine is scarce. However, this does not mean that we have to miss out on the glorious colours and scents of nature.

  • Winter red and warm orange, misty ice blue and cool yellow. These are the colours that are striking in the winter garden. In this article, we suggest the most spectacular winter-flowering plants, selected by their colours.

  • The cosy winter months are approaching fast, so you need to make preparations to protect the flowers and plants in your garden from the winter chill. This will also save you time next spring.

  • Winter gradually takes over in the garden in December. In this season the role of hedges becomes increasingly important, as hedges bring structure to the winter garden. They should therefore be kept neat and tidy. However, there is one strict rule that must never be broken, which is never prune your hedge in freezing weather.

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    Before winter arrives it is a good idea to prepare your tub plants for the colder season so that you can be sure of enjoying them again next season.

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