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    In the cosy month of December we spend most of our time indoors as the weather is cold and sunshine is scarce. However, this does not mean that we have to miss out on the glorious colours and scents of nature. With evergreen hedges, trees and plants, there are many ways to get closer to nature. Tips on how to create a magnificent winter-green patio feature and how to use evergreen plants in Christmas flower arrangements are given below.

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    Outdoor grape vines enter their dormant period this month, so you can begin with the maintenance pruning, also called winter pruning, in December. This is not only necessary to maintain the shape of the plant, it also ensures a good yield (fruitwood pruning).

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    In December it is time to get out the Christmas decorations for the festive season, recreating the time-honoured Christmas atmosphere. The shops are crammed with glittering balls, tinsel and lights. These are beautiful in their own way, but nowadays people tend to prefer natural decorations. Actually this is truer to tradition, as today’s popular Christmas paraphernalia was not available in the past. By combining the natural with the contemporary, you can create a fabulous atmosphere in your home.

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    In December you can really enjoy your indoor bulbs. The flowers and the fragrance will bring a cheerful atmosphere to the living room.

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    December is the winter month in which we can expect the first serious frosts. This is your last chance to take preventive measures against frost damage, like covering sensitive plants.

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    Pruning is an important way of improving the growth and flowering of trees and shrubs.

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    Take some time to observe your beloved apple, pear or cherry tree that you have enjoyed sitting in the shade of over the summer. It needs the extra attention for now it is time to prune it. Follow our advise and next year you will have a healthy fruit tree that produces a good crop.

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