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Top tips

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    There are many advantages of pruning in the summer – it can be done in several stages up to the end of August. We recommend pruning in dry weather so that the cut edges dry up more quickly and heal better.

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    August is generally thought of as the holiday month, so make time to visit some gardens open to the public. Not only will you enjoy seeing other people’s concepts, you will also find ideas to suit your own plot, regardless of how large or small it is. Keep on top of regular jobs, though, preventing them piling up as September will be a much busier time for the gardener.

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    Pruning is an important way of improving the growth and flowering of trees and shrubs.

  • August is such a beautiful month when we can expect fine weather. The perfect time for pruning various shrubs and trees.

  • As well as enjoying your garden plants you can also enjoy your houseplants this month. You can also cut some of your favourite flowers from the garden to brighten your living room.

  • The summer garden is a favourite for gardeners to enjoy with all the cheerful colours and scents around. Your garden or patio serves as a summer lounge where you can enjoy the long warm evenings to the full. Overcast days are perfect to get on top of little chores that will prolong the abundance of flowers.

  • A month when you will gets lots of enjoyment from your container plants! They will be flowering in abundance and may even bring back memories of well enjoyed holidays from faraway places.

  • During an extended dry period ‘damp down’ the greenhouse floor.

  • August is a good month to enjoy your pond as there is little maintenance required. So sit by the pond and relax.

  • A healthy green lawn gives the garden a cared for and fresh look. However, grass has a hard time in summer due to the hot temperatures and high humidity. Here are some useful tips for looking after your lawn this month.

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    August is a good month for harvesting. Enjoy your own delicious healthy fruit and vegetables. Make sure you harvest them whilst they are still young and tender. The taste is always so much better.