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    While the summer may be drawing to a close, there is still much to enjoy and do in your garden. But don't forget you can of course also enjoy your garden indoors. With cut-flowers your garden will bloom beautifully, inside and out!

  • In September, most container plants can still stay outside, letting you enjoy them for a little bit longer before they have to come in for the winter. So what should you be doing with them now?

  • For centuries man has been aware of the exceptional value of herbs. At first only for their nutritional value, but later also for religious, culinary and medicinal purposes.

  • Many plants are at their most beautiful at the end of the growing season, in August and September. In these final months of the season, the garden often has even more flowers than in early spring. Here are some of the finest late-flowering plants.

  • September is the main harvest month for many vegetables. Although it is possible to leave maincrop carrots and beetroot in the ground all winter, the roots can become damaged by slugs and other pests, and it is safer to lift them from this month onwards and store in sand or peat substitute.

  • Some fruit trees and bushes provide you with delicious juicy fruit in late summer. September is a good month to devote extra care and attention to these plants to ensure lovely home-grown fruit next season too.

  • In the month of September nature gives you a foretaste of autumn and the most special and beautiful autumnal will start to appear in your garden. And there is more than enough to do to care for your plants.

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