Top tips

Top tips

    1. There’s still time to turf a new lawn. Turfing your lawn couldn’t be simpler, purchase some good quality turf. Avoid very rough or weedy turf or there will be no point in you attempting to get the site weed free.


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    This month you can enjoy the beautiful autumnal colours in the garden. Your pond too should still be looking attractive but to maintain its appearance we have listed some chores for this month.


  • October is an excellent month for planting tree, shrubs and perennials. The soil is still warm enough to give them a good start before winter begins.

  • Not all trees have to be pruned in October. However, trees that bleed easily, such as walnut, tulip tree, birch and maple, should preferably be pruned this month. This is because over about a month they will start to lose their leaves.

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    Pruning is an important way of improving the growth and flowering of trees and shrubs.

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