Top tips

Top tips

  • February is the month when the sap starts to flow again. Although there is still the possibility of it freezing in February, many garden lovers love this month and see it as the beginning of the spring season. As soon as temperatures stay above freezing in the daytime you can roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. There are beautiful colours to enjoy and you can start to see the early bulbs emerging.

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    Pruning is an important way of improving the growth and flowering of trees and shrubs.

  • Working in the fresh air is good for everyone and pruning is good for your plants! February is not really the month to start pruning but you can still crack on with the tasks you started in January. You must, however, always be aware of the possibility of frost because you must never prune if its freezing!

  • Winter weather can be quite hard on garden ponds and any fish and aquatic plants they contain, mainly due to the fact that a shortage of light and oxygen can occur if the pond freezes over completely. It goes without saying that this can harm flora and fauna.

  • Although February can treat us to some severe frosts, many gardeners are already looking to the new gardening season. As soon as temperatures stay above freezing in the daytime you can get going. Below are several tips for all your gardening activities for February.

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