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Climbing Roses

Climbing roses like to reach for the skies and will soon cover a wall or fence with a wash of glorious colour. This sea of colour will continue to spread upwards from early summer until the first frosts, creating a stunning effect. These hard-working plants will amply repay any care and attention you give them, and will appreciate a generous application of our specially-formulated organic rose fertiliser when they are planted, with an annual re-application in spring.

Climbing roses are excellent for adorning gateways and pergolas and for creating romantic vistas in the garden. You can combine them with clematis for exciting colour combinations, or why not try one of our colourful ‘dual’ roses which bring two colours to your walls, fences or arbours. So bring a touch of romance to your garden and choose your favourite climbing roses below.

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How to care for climbing roses

These are tough, reliable plants which can live a long time. They should be planted in a sunny place and given plenty of room. They should be pruned in late winter - first remove all dead, diseased or dying branches. Then tie in vigorous new shoots and chop out some of the oldest wood if the plant looks congested. Side shoots which have flowered (they may well have the remains of rose hips on them) can be cut back by a third. Be sure to give the plants an annual dose of our specially-formulated organic rose fertiliser after pruning.

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