White Egret Flower

White Egret Flower - Tuber

Habenaria radiata  

Dazzling Beauty

The White Egret Flower (Habenaria radiata) is an exceptional plant from Asia and is related to the orchid. It flowers all summer long, with each tuber producing two to three exquisite, pearly white flowers. The White Egret Flower feels happy outdoors in well-drained soil. Water generously during the growth period. Protect from frost in winter.
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Habenaria radiata comes in the form of small, pea sized tubers and can be planted in pots, window-boxes or in the garden. If you prefer the White Egret Flower in a planter, do use one with holes in the base with a layer of pot shards or clay pellets in the bottom. Improve potting soil with quite a bit of sharp sand and compost or just use some perlite and sphagnum moss as potting medium. Plant the tubers about 1 cm from the top of the pot and 10 cm apart. Cover with a light covering of soil and press firmly down. Immediately after planting, generously water your White Egret Flower.

Habenaria radiata in the garden

The White Egret flower is usually found in marshy but well-drained soil that dries out in the autumn. They can go directly into the garden as long as you water well throughout the growing season. Planting distance in the garden is 15 cm. The White Egret flower prefers, cool, damp conditions in a sunny spot. Easily saved over the winter by digging up the tubers, drying them out and storing cool and frost-free in peat that is dampened down once a month to prevent drying out entirely.

Habenaria radiata is a variety of dwarf orchid from the humid mountain ranges of Japan, Korea, China and Russia. The so-called White Egret Flower has petals resembling that of the bird's wings. This evocative plant makes a lovely houseplant and can easily go outdoors to a sunny spot after flowering.

The Habenaria should be sprayed with rain water (preferably) and during the summer the soil must be consistently, fairly moist. Add regular feeds of plant food when watering, during the flowering season (summer) but only half the recommended dose. This plant flowers in the summer. If growing indoors to enjoy the flowers, the potted plant can go outdoors again after flowering.

Habenaria radiata in the winter

The White Egret Flower forms new tubers in the soil and will require a rest period. Water sparingly in the autumn until all the leaves have died off. Dig the plant up and store in a dry pot, cool and frost-free. End March, discard old (dark brown or black) tubers and plant the young light brown tubers in fresh, loose orchid potting medium mixed with sharp sand, point upwards. Water sparingly until leaves appear and then it can be stood outdoors in full sun. Habenaria radiata could now use some plant food!


Full sun
Growth height: 25-40 cm

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