Staple Prime Fish Food 6 mm

Staple Prime Fish Food 6 mm

Treat your Japanese koi carp!

SaniKoi Staple Prime is an excellent food for Japanese koi carp and other valuable cyprinids. The food, which floats on the surface, guarantees excellent growth and a natural colour. The main ingredients are fish and seafood products, vegetable proteins, fats and carbohydrates, supplemented with krill meal and wheat germ.

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SaniKoi Staple Prime is a prime floating fish food that is used at water temperatures from 12°C. Feed several times a day, making sure that the food is eaten within 5 minutes. Ingredients: fish meal, wheat, cracked and toasted soy meal, wheat germ (10%), wheat gluten, fish oil, premix, krill meal (1%) and yeast.

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