Standard Rose 'Stromboli'

Standard Rose 'Stromboli' - Shrub

Rosa 'Stromboli'  
Standard Rose 'Stromboli' distinguishes itself from other roses due to its delightfully-shaped and attractive flowers. This versatile rose variety can be planted in the middle of a flower-bed, in a large planter or along the garden path. The flowering of the Standard Rose 'Stromboli' is rich with a long flowering period. They are obviously best suited for the garden, but they can also be planted in a large planter or flower pot. Height of stem approx. 60 cm.
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The Standard Rose 'Stromboli' that you receive is a bare rooted rose. Soak the roots in a bucket full of lukewarm water overnight. Prepare a suitable planting hole, loosen the soil and improve it with compost and granulated cow manure. Spread the roots out and plant them at the right depth. Fill the hole with the improved soil, press firmly with your foot and water generously.

This lovely rose looks just beautiful when placed in a pot on your patio. Take a decorative pot with holes in the base, cover the bottom with a layer of potsherds or hydro granules. Put fresh potting compost in the pot and mix in some granulated cow manure. Plant the root ball of the Standard Rose 'Stromboli' at the appropriate depth, fill with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. Place the pot in a sunny area.

Standard Rose 'Stromboli' is a strong rose with amazing coloured flowers which appear throughout the entire summer. This rose is ideal for planting in a pot, but you can also plant these special roses in the ground.

Standard Rose 'Stromboli' should be pruned every spring. It's an easy process to follow and ensures that the roses flower and grow vigorously every year. In March prune the branches at the top of the stem back to within 3 to 5 eyes (buds). Leave about five thick branches per bush. The roses you receive from us have already been pruned, so you don't need to prune for another 12-18 months. In the summer remove any ‘wild shoots’ that can grow from the trunk or the roots. You can identify a wild shoot by the many thorns and the seven piece leaves.

Fertilise your roses regularly

Standard Rose 'Stromboli' requires plenty of food to achieve a rich bloom. Therefore they need fertilising on a regular basis. During winter put granulated cow manure around the base of the bush. Early spring apply a mixed organic fertiliser or bone meal and in July use a special rose fertiliser. Look on the package for the correct dosage.


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 100 cm

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