Standard Japanese Azalea

Standard Japanese Azalea - Shrub

Rhododendron japonicum  

Flowers Again Each Spring

The Standard Japanese Azalea (Rhododendron Japonicum) requires minimal maintenance and can be placed absolutely anywhere, in a large pot or in the garden. It flowers every spring and is completely winter-hardy. Never needs pruning. Basically, the Standard Japanase Azalea offers everything you'd ever want in a plant. Height of stem approx. 30 cm.
5 yr growth guarantee

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You can plant the Standard Japanase Azalea immediately after receiving it in either a flower pot or in the ground. Are you planting your Standard Japanese Azalea in a pot? Choose a large pot or planter with holes in the base, cover the bottom with a layer of potsherds or hydrograins. Put fresh potting compost in the pot and plant the root ball of the Standard Japanese Azalea at the appropriate depth. Fill the pot with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. Place the pot in an area with complete or partial sunshine. Line a porous pot with plastic or use a pot liner. This prevents evaporation of the water so that the soil dries out less quickly. Alternatively, if you are planting your Standard Japanese Azalea in the ground, place it in a sheltered area. Improve your garden soil by adding some fresh potting soil.

The Standard Japanese Azalea flowers every spring and is completely winter-hardy. It can be placed in a pot to decorate your patio and will look great when combined with other early flowering plants such as Lily of the Valley. If you are planting it in the ground you can create a wonderful combination with Primroses, Bleeding Heart and Spotted Dead-Nettle (Lamium Maculatum 'Beacon Silver').

The Standard Japanese Azalea officially belongs to the genus Rhododendron, but almost everyone knows this charming plant as an Azalea. It is an evergreen plant with small, shiny leaves and rather small flowers in the loveliest of colours. During its flowering period, the whole plant is covered with flowers and leaves which makes its structure almost no longer visible. The Standard Japanese Azalea remains relatively small and does not grow very fast. The Standard Japanese Azalea is ideal for small gardens! Japanese Azaleas can also be grown indoors as houseplants.  

Water your Standard Japanese Azalea regularly to prevent the soil around the roots from drying out. The soil should always be reasonably damp. Protect your Standard Japanese Azalea from bright sunlight. Pruning is not necessary. However you can carefully remove the faded flowers after the flowering period. Cut off any shoots that are too long so that the plant retains a reasonable shape. Standard Japanese Azalea thrive in acidic soil; clay soil is less suitable. You can make your garden soil more acidic by adding compost. We recommend an annual fertilisation with granulated cow manure early in the year.

The Standard Japanese Azalea can survive throughout the winter

If you are growing your Standard Japanese Azalea in a pot, then it is recommended that you protect the stem from frost during cold autumns and winters. After mid-April the shoots can be cut back and it can be given increasing amounts of water, preferably rainwater. Add plant food to the water on a regular basis.


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 75 cm

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