Seed Tape Woodland Strawberry ‘Solemacher’

Seed Tape Woodland Strawberry ‘Solemacher’ - Seed

Fragaria vesca 'Baron von Solemacher'  

Enjoy these delicious fresh strawberries

The woodland strawberries 'Solemacher' (Fragaria vesca) have edible fruits and are excellent ground cover plants. The little strawberries have a delightful refreshing taste! The seeds are contained between two thin layers of decomposable cellulose. This is ideal for sowing the right amount of seeds at the right distance. Make a shallow groove and lay the tape in, cover with earth and water thoroughly. Length of the seed tape 7.5 m.

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Seeds of woodland strawberries require no prior treatment and the seed tape is ready-to-use.


Preferably in full sun, sow your seeds from the start of March right up into May. Loosen the soil with a fork to about 30 cm. Draw a furrow about 1 cm deep and label your row. Cut the tape to fit and lay in the furrow. Cover with 0.5 cm soil, press lightly down and sprinkle with water. Extra rows should be at 20 cm distance.

The seed will germinate in 14-21days. After 4-6 weeks you can sort your seedlings. If using as ground cover its nice to just spread them over an area at uneven distances in groups of 3-5. Rows should be 20cm apart.

Woodland strawberries are smaller than more well known strawberry varieties. Following the first flowers, they will form 'suckers' - when these touch the ground, a new plant will form. This is how it eventually covers the ground.


They have a fine flavour, perhaps even better than the common red strawberry, but can be used in the same manner. These small fruits are very rich in vitamins and are very healthy!

Weed regularly and water more often during dry periods. These small strawberries are at their tastiest if allowed to ripen on the plant so do pick regularly. Harvest these varieties from July. They are somewhat smaller than cultivated strawberries but taste just like other strawberries.

Fragaria vesca 'Solemacher' thrives in the garden. Improve poor garden soil with a mix of garden compost and Bakker's strawberry fertiliser. Planting distance is 20 cm. Water immediately after planting. Fragaria vesca 'Solemacher' grows best in humus-rich, fertile soil that is not too dry but also, especially in the winter, not too wet.

Woodland strawberries are great for naturalising and for providing ground cover under trees and shrubs. Fragaria vesca 'Solemacher' also grow well in flower pots or window- boxes too. Woodland strawberries are generally hardy but when potted, it is best to store them in a cool, frost free area over the winter.


Harvest from July to November. You could just leave the fruit on the plant but they really are quite tasty. Birds will eat them if you don't, and that is nice to see too!

Harvest woodland strawberries just as you would the common strawberry - use the green crown to pick them and do not remove that until you are about to eat them. Use scissors or a knife to pick them.

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