Seed Tape Carrots ‘Nantes’ + Radishes Semi-long Mix

Seed Tape Carrots ‘Nantes’ + Radishes Semi-long Mix - Seed

Daucus carota + Raphanus sativus subsp. sativus  

Carrots and radishes from the garden

'Nantes' carrots (Daucus carota) and 'Halflang' radishes (Raphanus sativusa) are together in this seed tape. The radishes will be earlier than the carrots, giving the carrots room to grow. The seed tape is 7.5 metres long.

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These carrot and radish seeds do not require special preparation. The tapes are ready to use.


Sow in the ground, preferably in full sun, from April until late September. Loosen the soil to at least 30 cm deep. Prepare a run 1 cm deep. Place the seed tape along the run, cut to length and gently cover it with 0.5 cm of soil. Press the soil lightly down and sprinkle with water. Label your row. Recommended spacing between rows: 20 cm. Germination time: 6 to 14 days.

Carrots are orange which is the colour of the Netherlands ‘Royals’. In the 17th century, ships of the VOC brought back with them a purple carrot discovered in Iran. The Dutch market gardeners, very patriotic, multiplied trials, successfully, to give an orange colour in carrots. These are however, in various colours. The main colour of the radishes is red and white. Sometimes they are almost entirely red and sometinmes almost entirely white. Also in the taste there is a variation. Carrots are orange which is the colour of the Dutch ‘Royals’. In the 17th century, ships of the VOC brought back a purple carrot from Iran. The patriotic Dutch market gardeners successfully cross polinated again and again, to give carrots an orange colour but carrots are of course still available in other colours. Radishes are mainly red and white. Sometimes they are almost entirely red and sometimes almost entirely white. The taste can vary from sharp to mild too.

Cooking Tips

The radishes will keep ten days in the refrigerator. They are delicious in salads or sandwiches, or just eaten fresh on their own. Short rinse, ready! Carrots store well for at least ten days in the refrigerator. You can also deep freeze them. They can be cooked with potatoes, but do not cook for too long as they are at their tastiest when still crunchy. Cooked in a Wok, sliced carrots are delicious. They are also delicious eaten raw in salads and are packed with vitamins, minerals and carotene which is a good antioxidant! Clean your carrots under running water by scrubbing with a stiff brush.

Do not enrich the soil at all but water more frequently during dry spells. Keep the plot weed-free as this helps the carrots and radishes to grow.

Harvesting method

The smell of slightly damaged carrots during harvesting tends to attract the carrot fly. Prevent damage to your crop by harvesting the entire row. Do not be tempted to pull a handful of carrots every few days. Radishes can just be up one by one, or use a small trowel to lightly loosen the soil around several. Try to avoid disturbing the carrots. For carrots, simply run the back of a rake along the row to lift them. The radishes are harvested early, then your summer carrots will have more space and will continue to thrive!

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