Rose 'Rumba'

Rose 'Rumba' - Shrub

Rosa floribunda 'Rumba'  
'Rumba' is a floribunda rose with several flowers on each stem, creating a sea of flowers. The well-filled flowers of this glorious variety are a gorgeous yellowish-red. Very profuse flowering. Long-lasting cut flower. They are suitable for the garden and also for planting in large flower pots or patio containers. Few plants produce an abundant and incessant display of flowers as the floribunda rose.
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When you receive your bare rooted 'Rumba' rose, place in a bucket full of lukewarm water overnight. 'Rumba' grows best planted in the ground. Prepare a large hole and improve the soil with compost and granulated cow manure. Spread the roots of the rose out and plant at the right depth, about 5 cm below the ground as they are sensitive to frost. If the soil and roots are dry, a bucket of water should be gently emptied into the planting hole. Fill the hole with the soil and press firmly with your foot. Plant in a sunny position so that it experiences a rich bloom. Support the floribunda with a sturdy stake.

Spray roses in a pot on your patio or decking

This very attractive rose looks great in a pot on the patio. Use an ornamental flower pot with holes in the base for drainage. Cover the bottom with a layer of potsherds or hydro granules and add fresh potting compost mixed with a little granulated cow manure. Plant the rose 'Rumba' at the right depth, top up with compost and press firmly. Water immediately after planting then place the pot in a position in full sun.

Rose 'Rumba' is a very strong and healthy rose, has a bush-like growth and produces lots of fragrant flowers. It flowers through the summer with a wonderful display of yellowish-red flowers. Looks great in a pot and also special planted in the garden.

Rose 'Rumba' should be pruned every spring in March. Prune back all its branches to 3-5 'eyes'. These are dormant buds which are difficult to detect. But you can tell by a scare around the branch, left by a leaf. Leave about 5 of the thicker branches towards the bottom. The roses that you will receive from us have already been pruned, so you'll only need to prune them again the following year. Remove any wild stems from its roots during the summer. You'll recognise its many wild spines and seven-part leaves.

Fertilising roses

Roses rely on plant food for a rich flowering. Therefore regularly apply a fertiliser. During the winter sprinkle granulated cow manure around the base of the bush. In spring apply a mixed organic fertiliser and in July use the special rose fertiliser. Check on the packaging for the correct amount to be used.


Full sun
Partial shade
Fragrant plant / flower
Suitable for cutting
Growth height: 80 cm

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