Rhododendron ‘XXL’®

Rhododendron ‘XXL’® - Shrub

Rhododendron ’XXL’®  

Magnificent flower display!

Rhododendron 'XXL' ® is distinguished not only by the immense size of its flowers, the beautiful inflorescences will flower a week longer than the common varieties of this shrub! This lovely compact variety is ideal in a pot on the patio or decking but it is recommended to protect against strong frosts.
Delivery height: 40-50 cm.
5 yr growth guarantee
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Plant Rhododendron ‘XXL’® in the garden as soon as possible after receiving it. Prior to planting make sure the root ball of the rhododendron is sufficiently moist by soaking the root ball in a bucket with lukewarm water. Dig a sufficiently large planting hole and thoroughly loosen the soil. Then place the root ball at the right depth with the top just below ground level. Fill the plant hole with soil, press down firmly and water immediately after planting. Rhododendron ‘XXL’® grows well in acidic, humus rich soil. Improve garden soil with compost and peat. Clay soil is not suitable. Choose a shaded or semi-sunny location.

Rhododendron ‘XXL’® in the garden

Rhododendron ‘XXL’® is a shrub that is extremely suitable as a solitary shrub. This striking bloomer will also be excellent in a shrub border or between deciduous trees. The rhododendron combines beautifully with the Norwegian maple (Acer ‘Crimson King’) and Pieris (‘Forest Flame’).

Rhododendron ‘XXL’® has larger inflorescences than the regular Rhododendron. The two-coloured funnel-shaped flowers of the Rhododendron ‘XXL’® are a wonderful deep pink and white. From the heart, the stamens protrude gracefully from the flower. The flowers form thick racemes. The glossy, leathery leaves remain all year round on the plant. The plant has a compact growth and is ideal for small gardens. Also in spacious pots this beautiful Rhododendron will steal the show!

Rhododendron ‘XXL’® requires little maintenance. This evergreen shrub grows happily in moist soil. During warm periods do not forget to water it, particularly in the first year after planting. Each winter, spread a mulch layer of compost mixed with some granulated cow manure.
It would be best not to weed next to Rhododendron shrubs as their roots are superficial and could easily get damaged. It would be better to pull out weeds.

Pruning rhododendron

After flowering, carefully remove the spent flowers, taking care not to damage the new buds that are already forming. Prune back shoots that are too long. If necessary, you can thin out old shrubs by removing some thick stems. Hard pruning is well tolerated.


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 80-100 cm

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