Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel'

Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' - Shrub

Rubus idaeus 'Bakker's Jewel'  
Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' (Rubus Idaeus) produces large fruits with a refreshing taste. Raspberries are even more delicious to eat when they can be picked from your own orchard. Even used as a garnish Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' that little extra zing to your food.
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Make sure the Rubus idaeus 'Bakker's Jewel' roots are well-moistened prior to planting by soaking in a bucket of lukewarm water. Prepare a large hole and thoroughly loosen the soil. Plant the Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' at the correct depth in the hole, the top of the root ball should be slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil, press firmly and water immediately after planting. Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' grows best in full sun or partial shade, avoid places that are too exposed to wind. Spacing is approximately 35 cm. Are you planting in rows? Allow 125-150 cm between each row.

Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' can be grown in a pot

Raspberries grown in a pot need a light position. The plant has a very handsome foliage, so if you use a decorative pot you can create a stunning feature on the patio or decking.

Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' is a very healthy fruit tree that bears lots of fruit. In the summer, enjoy the beautiful white flowers which are followed by a large quantity of pink-red raspberries. These raspberries are delicious, sweet and juicy. Home-grown raspberries can be eaten fresh or used to make scrumptious summer deserts or jam.

Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' has long canes (branches) which can grow along wire or a fence. Tie 6-8 canes per metre along the supporting fence. Most of the fruit can be harvested between July and August. When the raspberries are ripe they must be picked very carefully one by one and used fairly quickly. In a cold summer, the fruits are a little later ripening. Give this plant a mulch of compost during the winter.

Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' can be pruned

The pink-red Raspberry 'Bakker's Jewel' is an autumn raspberry that fruits on year-old wood. In autumn, you can cut all the canes (branches) back to just above the ground. Do this preferably after the leaves have fallen. In spring, new shoots will appear that you can tie again.


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 150 cm

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