Pure® Soft Oval - Fuchsia

Pure® Soft Oval - Fuchsia

Gives your plant even more style!

These pots make a real fashion statement with the sleek oval design, making them perfect for a patio table or window sill. The pots are made of high-quality synthetic material and are therefore indestructible. These flowerpots are guaranteed for five years.
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These top quality plastic pots from Pure® have loads of advantages:

  • Nice and light so easily moved - now that's handy at spring cleaning time, indoors or out.
  • 100% non-permeable - soil will not dry out so quickly, as compared to in a clay pot. Pathogens have no chance and another good thing about a pot that never leaks is that you will not get water rings on your floor, table or windowsill.
  • Pure® pots are frost resistant up to an amazing 20 degrees below! Really very little chance of the pot cracking through frost so they can continue to look terrific on your patio in the winter.
  • This is strong plastic and these Pure® pots can take quite a beating! Good to know when you have (grand)children and/or pets around.
  • Pure® pots are UV resistant too so they are colourfast. They will not fade in the light of the summer sun.
  • The non-permeable and smooth surface makes these pots easy to keep clean. Moulds and algae doesn't stand a chance - if the Pure® pot is dirty, simply wipe with a damp cloth or brush off!

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