Patio Rose 'Fritz Thiedemann'

Patio Rose 'Fritz Thiedemann' - Shrub

Rosa 'Fritz Thiedemann'  

The Queen Of The Garden - And Patio

Patio Rose 'Fritz Thiedemann' is a beautiful, free flowering, red rose. Roses are perhaps the most popular garden plants of all and have provided inspiration for numerous songs and poems. This variety is ideal for spacious pots and tubs. The large, fragrant, double flowers have a diameter of approximately 10 cm.
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Flowering month(s)
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Soak the root ball of Patio Rose 'Fritz Thiedemann' in a bucket of lukewarm water overnight before planting. Prepare a suitable hole in loose soil and improve the soil with compost and granulated cow manure. Spread the roots of the rose and place at an appropriate depth. The graft union of the rose (the bulge where the branches stem from) should be approximately five cm below ground level, as this part of the rose is sensitive to frost. Fill the hole with the prepared soil, pressing the area with your foot continuously, then water the newly planted area. Roses love the sunshine so they require a position where they can soak up the sun for most of the day.

Large-flowered roses combined with other plants

The best time to plant patio roses is around October. On the other hand, pot roses can be planted throughout the entire year.

Patio Rose 'Fritz Thiedemann' is a patio rose with a strong, fantastic fragrance. This red-brick coloured patio rose was introduced in 1959 and is at home in a flower pot or planter. You can also plant three bushes together along your garden border and you will get an overwhelming display of colour.

Patio Rose 'Fritz Thiedemann' should be pruned every spring. It's an easy process to follow and ensures that the roses flower and grow vigorously every year. In March remove all dead wood and reduce the main stems by about a third. Allow approximately five big branches in total. If the roses you receive from us have already been pruned, you only need to prune them again the following year. Remove any suckers that grow from the rootstock of the roses, these are easily recognisable as they are usually a different colour and have a seven part leaf.

Roses should be fertilized

The Patio Rose 'Fritz Thiedemann' needs feeding on a regular basis for an extra rich bloom. Avoid feeding after August. Use a rose fertilizer on a regular basis and in the winter place cow manure pellets around the base of the bush. In early spring mix feed in with water and in July use the special Bakker organic Rose Fertilizer. Your rose bush will benefit with the extra care given.


Full sun
Partial shade
Fragrant plant / flower
Suitable for cutting
Growth height: 60-80 cm

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