Golden Root

Golden Root - Plant

Rhodiola rosea  
Highly unusual winter-hardy succulent for the rockery, producing very pretty flowers in midsummer! This plant has medicinal properties, as the root extract has a calming and energising effect. Butterflies and bees find the flowers very attractive!
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Rhodiola is an evergreen perennial that grows well in soil but also does well in a flowerpot or patio planter. Choose a spot in well-drained soil, such as the rock garden. To improve the soil add some compost. Prepare a large hole and loosen the soil. Place the roots of the Rhodiola at the correct depth, the top of the root ball should be just slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil, press firmly, then water. Rhodiola grows well in a spot in full or partial shade.

Rhodiola rosea in a pot

Golden root is happy grown in a well-draining plant pot. Use sandy soil mixed with potting compost. Place the pot in a sunny spot on your patio. As long as the pot has adequate drainage the plant should survive the winter outside.

The flowering Rhodiola is a real eye-catcher along the edge of the border. The fresh leathery leaves form rosettes. At the end of each stem appear numerous flowers in a bright, cheerful yellow. Also look appealing in a flower pot, planter or in the rock garden. Rhodiola rosea is also known as ‘Pink Carrot’ and is a member of the succulent family (Crassulaceae). The dried roots smell quite strongly of roses!

Rhodiola rosea is widely used in the food industry. The root extract contains substances that not only have a calming effect on the body but also provides extra energy, enhances the memory, improves metabolism and much much more. It is also effective against Parkinson’s disease and helps fight dementia. The active ingredients are concentrated mainly in the root. The dried roots have long been used by the Russians, for the purpose of a stronger and longer life.

Rhodiola rosea requires moderate watering. The plant is drought resistant. During the winter Rhodiola prefer not to have ’wet feet’. Rhodiola retains its decorative leathery leaves in winter. In spring give the plant some manure for a good growth and you will be rewarded with flowers throughout the summer.

Rhodiola in the winter

Rhodiola rosea is extremely hardy. It grows naturally in the polar regions of northern Europe, Canada and Siberia. Also grows at high altitudes in mountainous parts of Europe and coastal cliffs. Besides coping with the extreme cold it also thrives against salty sea air and calcareous soils. If the plant above ground freezes, in the spring it will shoot again from the roots.


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 30 cm