Evergreen Privet

Evergreen Privet - Shrub

Ligustrum ovalifolium  

Green In Winter Too

Ligustrum ovalifolium is a very strong hedge that stays green in a mild winter and thrives almost anywhere. The Evergreen Privet is suitable for any type of soil and is easy to clip into shape. For a beautiful dense hedge, you need to plant 5 per metre. Height supplied 40-50 cm.
5 yr growth guarantee

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Dig a trench for the Ligustrum ovalifolium. Improve the excavated soil with compost and manure. Add some sharp sand to heavy soil. Soak the plants in water for one hour before planting. Divide the hedges into the drench planting five shrubs for every metre. You can also plant a double row of shrubs. The top of the root balls should be flush with ground level in the garden (please note that some land will collapse). Fill with soil, and give it lots of water so that it almost turns into a swamp. It is advised to prune the top of the hedges immediately after planting. Water regularly during the first year after planting.

Ligustrum ovalifolium is a very well known hedge plant that keeps some of its leaves in the winter and tolerates pruning very well. If you don't prune too much, cute white flower clusters will start appearing in summer. The flower clusters smell delicious!

Ligustrum ovalifolium is a very strong hedge that requires minimal maintenance. Be sure to prevent the roots from drying out during the first few months after planting. It needs enough light for a good growth. You can also plant some bushes or large perennials next to the hedge. During the winter, compost and cow manure pellets are greatly appreciated.

Privet hedge needs pruning

An Evergreen Privet hedge should be pruned two to four times per year in order to keep a pretty tight shape and not let the hedge grow too wide. It is best to prune the hedge so that it is slightly wider on the bottom and gets trimmer towards the top. If you want a nice straight cut at the top we suggest you use a rope as a guide. It should be first pruned in April, and the second pruning should take place around mid-June. The third pruning should take place in August and the fourth in October.


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 200 cm

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