Dwarf Gladioli Mixed

Dwarf Gladioli Mixed - Tuber

Gladiolus nanus  
The Dwarf Gladioli mixed produce glorious flowers for cutting that appear at the beginning of summer and return year after year. They are very strong gladiolus with very attractive small flowers. Beautiful colours: white, pink and red. The white flowers are speckled with red. Create a beautiful display in the flowerbed mixed with dahlias.
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The Gladiolus nanus corms can be planted in autumn if it is not freezing or in spring. Plant about 7-10 cm deep and 10-12 cm apart in well-drained soil, poor soil can be improved by adding garden fertiliser. Before planting, prepare a hole, loosen the soil with a fork and sprinkle the bottom of the hole with a layer of sharp sand, this will help the drainage of the water. In winter sprinkle the soil with a little lime. These mixed Gladiolus nanus enjoy a warm sunny spot.

Dwarf Gladioli combined

These low growing gladioli are great additions for the border. Plant together with mixed dahlias of similar colours and create a colourful patch. These gladioli are also perfect as cut flowers.

The rich flowering Gladioli nanua are splendid for cutting. Each flower petal has beautiful markings. Dwarf Gladioli last remarkably long in a vase, therefore make sure you have groups of them in the garden. Pick the flowers when the lowest bud is open and preferably early in the morning. Remove the lower leaves and place the stems immediately in a large vase of lukewarm water with cut flower food. Thanks to the firm stems, dwarf gladioli are also suitable for using with floral foam.
A tip: Plant extra groups two weeks later and this will extend the flowering period in your flower garden.

As the flower buds of the dwarf gladioli nanus begin to develop you can start using a fertiliser along with water on a regular basis. Three weeks after flowering you can stop fertilising. If the flower heads become heavy it is advisable to stake them to keep them upright. Each year it is better to choose a different planting place for the gladioli.
This dwarf gladioli needs to be sheltered against bad weather but in really severe conditions cover with a protective mulch.


Full sun
Partial shade
Suitable for cutting
Growth height: 50-70 cm

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