Dwarf French Bean 'Nautica'

Dwarf French Bean 'Nautica' - Seed

Phaseolus vulgaris 'Nautica'  

This bean makes every meal a celebration!

‘Nautica' (Phaseolus vulgaris) is a new bean variety with handsome, slender, bright green pods that reach a length of 13-14 cm. ‘Nautica’ has a high resistance to disease and has an excellent taste. Simple to grow and very nutritious. This dwarf French bean belongs to a black seeded species. Dwarf French beans are low-growing plants. They can be planted under glass in early spring, or in the open air at a later date, in rows and spaced approximately 40 cm apart. Dwarf French beans require nutritious, humus-rich soil and plenty of fertiliser.

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The seeds of French bean 'Nautica' do not have to be prepared. But they can be put in warm water for 12 hours to allow them to pre-germinate.

Sowing method

Seeds germinate in 14 days. It is advisable to stagger the planting so that they can be harvested several times during the growing season. There are 2 methods of sowing: 1) Sow in open ground, preferably in full sun, when there is no longer the risk of night frosts, until July. Sow the seeds of dwarf beans 'Nautica' at least 3 cm deep. Beans do not tolerate wet soils, prolonged periods of cold or a place where fresh manure has been applied. It is advisable to place two sticks of wood on either side of the row of seedlings connected by a taut rope (cord). Sow 5 seeds (in hole) of beans, 3 cm deep and 40 cm apart from each seedling. Press the soil lightly and water. You can then remove the rope and use a marker at the beginning of the row with the name of the variety sown. You can make multiple lines of seedlings set 40 cm apart from each other. 2) The seeds of dwarf beans 'Nautica' are frost-sensitive. You can germinate your seeds in a frost-free room. The advantage is that they are protected from birds. If you choose this method of sowing, sow in pots from March to April. Fill the pots with compost and plant 5 bean seeds per pot, 3 cm deep. Press the soil lightly and water. Place the pots in the light at room temperature. Never let them dry. Allow enough space between the pots so that the leaves are almost touching. When there are no longer signs of night frost they can be planted outside in rows. Plant them 40 cm apart in the row and 40 cm between each row.

This is a variety of bean called ‘stringless’ which is very tasty. Almost all modern varieties of beans are stringless. Bean is name for green beans. The 'Nautica' pods are much thinner than the standard green beans. There are also the butter beans, so named for their yellow butter colouring. They are a little softer tasting than standard beans.

Cooking tips

Freshly picked, the beans are best eaten freshly picked. You can keep them for several days in the refrigerator. Beans can be steamed and great for accompanying potatoes, but do not cook too long as they taste best when still slightly crisp! Cooked in a wok, they will taste even better! Cut the beans into 2 cm pieces. Green beans can also be frozen, although they loose a little of their crispness.

Sprinkle the beans dwarf 'Nautica' with water only during dry periods. Remove weeds. This optimizes the growth of beans.

Harvesting method

Pick the beans as and when you need them. Use both hands when harvesting, one hand can cause too much damage to the bean plant. Harvest bush beans 'Nautica' early in the season, when they are still young and fresh, they will be far more tastier! When all the beans are harvested and the plant has stopped flowering, you can remove the entire plant.

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