Dwarf Apple 'Red Spur Delicious'

Dwarf Apple 'Red Spur Delicious' - Tree

Malus domestica ‘Red Spur Delicious’  
The Dwarf Apple (Malus Domestica 'Red Spur Delicious') is famed for its sweet flavour. Although the tree stays small, it produces a medium size fruit with many characteristics of the ‘Delicious’ family. These dwarf apple trees can also be planted in a spacious planter on the patio or decking for an unusual feature. They don't take up much space. You can harvest the deliciously tasting fruits in October-November. Height supplied 80-100 cm
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Prepare a suitable hole of 50 x 50 x 50 cm in good, loose soil. Plant the Dwarf Apple at the appropriate depth in the hole. The top of the root ball should be slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. Dwarf Apple grows best in a sunny area, although partial shade is also well-tolerated.

Dwarf Apple can grow in a pot

This little apple tree grows well in a pot. The tree takes up little space but provides wonderful benefits. Place the Dwarf Apple in a sunny, sheltered area. You can create a 'mini-orchard' by planting Dwarf Apples, Peaches, Cherry and Apricot in pots and place them together on your patio or decking.

The Dwarf Apple only takes a few years to grow and will not take up too much space. To ensure fruiting, plant the Dwarf Apple close to another variety for pollination. The fruits can be picked in October and November. Red Spur is the ultimate eating apple. Did you know that apples are part of the rose family? Look closely at the beautiful white flowers and you'll definitely note the resemblance with a single-flowered rose.

The Dwarf Apple is easy to grow, bearing an abundance of intensely crimson coloured fruit. Water it regularly. Are you growing your Dwarf Apple in a pot? Never let the root ball dry out. Early in the year, it is recommended to give it some fertiliser with low nitrogen (N) and high potassium (K).

Dwarf Apple needs pruning

This tree requires regular pruning to ensure an excellent fruit formation. Keep 5 main branches per tree. In January, the new shoots on a mature tree can be pruned by half. Do not prune when there is frost.


Full sun
Growth height: 200 cm

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