Dual Climbing Rose 'Spanish Flag'

Dual Climbing Rose 'Spanish Flag' - Climbing plants

Rosa 'Spanish Flag'  

Dual climbing roses in the most beautiful colour combinations!

Dual climbing ‘Spanish Flag’ is a combination of the red ‘Flammentanz’ and ‘Golden Showers’ with soft yellow flowers. Together they make an eye-catching combination in the summer garden. Both varieties are strong and flower very richly blending together as they climb. The yellow flowers give off a delicate fragrance. Both are very strong and floriferous.
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When you receive the bare rooted Climbing Rose 'Spanish Flag', place in a bucket full of lukewarm water overnight. These climbing roses grow best when planted in the ground. Prepare a large hole and fill with good quality soil mixed with granulated cow manure. Spread the roots of the roses out and plant them at the appropriate depth. The base of the stem should be about 5 cm below the soil surface, as they are sensitive to frost. If the soil and roots are dry, a bucket of water should be gently emptied into the planting hole. Fill the hole with the soil and continuously press with your foot. Plant in a sunny position so that it experiences a rich bloom.

Cascading roses

Bakker also supplies ramblers as cascading roses. The intention is that you plant 1 or 2 ramblers together and tie them into a pyramid shaped climbing frame to get a veritable cascade of blooms. Three or four canes tied at the tops above the newly planted roses should suffice. The ramblers will do the rest and bring you a fabulous cascade of flowers. This works in pots and planters too. This combination will work best in full sun, whether in the garden or in pots.
An annual pruning will only strengthen your cascade and keep it in shape.

Dual Climbing Rose 'Spanish Flag' consists of 2 different climbing roses. When 'Flammentanz' and 'Golden Showers' are grown close together, they boast a beautiful mixture of colours. Hearty red roses mingle with the beautiful yellow roses and make an exuberant bouquet. Both are long blooming roses, so you can expect flowers until late autumn!

To encourage new growth deadhead the faded flowers, right up to the first five leaflet leaf. The dual climber 'Spanish Flag' requires plenty of food in order to experience a rich bloom. Provide with manure regularly; in the winter, place granulated cow manure around the base. In early spring apply a mixed organic fertiliser and a special rose manure in July to allow for a great bloom and growth. To protect the fragile roots during the winter, we recommend to make a small mound around the base.

Dual Climbing Rose 'Spanish Flag' needs to be pruned

Rose 'Spanish Flag' should be pruned every year. Keep some of the long branches, preferably those growing somewhat horizontally. Cut off growing side branches every year in February until there are 3 eyes left (these are dormant buds that are difficult to detect). Always cut at an angle so that rain water can drip off. During the summer prune any old branches to allow for rejuvenation. Also remove any unwanted suckers from the roots. The roses that you'll receive from us have already been pruned, so they only need to be pruned the following year.


Full sun
Partial shade
Fragrant plant / flower
Suitable for cutting
Growth height: 250 cm

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