Camellia Trio

Camellia Trio - Shrub

Camellia japonica  

Three Colours In One

This Camellia Trio is a beautiful sight. This spectacular feature can be created by planting these three camellias in three different colours (red, pink and white) close together. Camellias stay green in winter. Height supplied 30-40 cm.
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Make sure the root ball of Camellia Trio is well-moistened by soaking it in a bucket of lukewarm water before planting. Prepare a suitable hole in lime-free ericaceous soil. The soil should be slightly acidic. Improve your garden soil by adding some manure and compost. Plant the root ball of Camellia Trio at the appropriate depth in the hole. The top of the root ball should be just slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. Camellia Trio is fairly hardy, but it still requires a sheltered area.

Camellia Trio makes an excellent combination plant

In a sheltered spot with acidic, moist soil, Camellia Trio combines beautifully with Rhododendron Acer Palmatum 'Garnet Dissectum'.

This beautiful evergreen Camellia from Japan provides you with fascinating and beautiful flowers. Its gorgeous flowers have been popular in oriental regions for centuries. At times, the Camellia has been used as a corsage. This flower is also known from the book 'La Dame aux Camelias' by Alexandre Dumas. Camellia Trio is also very beautiful as a tub plant.

The flowers of Camellia Trio bloom in March. During this period, the frost can cause the flowers to get brown spots. Protect your Camellia Trio against frost by covering it with bubble wrap. Prune as little as possible, but the dead heads can be removed. In April, prune the tree if its too large. Give it some manure early in the year to encourage a good bloom and spray it with rainwater regularly.

Camellia Trio ideal as a tub plant

Camellias can be planted in a tub to overwinter against the frost. Place in a room where the temperature does not exceed 15˚ C. The flower heads will then fall off. Only repot when it is absolutely necessary


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 150 cm

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