Calla Lily 'Pot of Gold'

Calla Lily 'Pot of Gold' - Bulb

Zantedeschia 'Pot of Gold'  
This colourful Calla Lily (Zantedeschia) 'Pot of Gold' can easily be grown indoors. Plant the tuber in a pot full of good potting compost then stand the pot in full daylight in the house – a window sill for instance – and water regularly. The leaves develop first in the Zantedeschia, followed by the eye-catching flowers. When all fear of frost has past, the Calla Lily can go outdoors. Do not forget to bring back indoors before the first frosts of late autumn.
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Plant your Calla Lily in humus rich, well-drained soil in a sunny spot. You can improve poor soil by mixing in some compost. The roots should be set at about 10 cm deep. Zantedeschia thrives in a rather moist soil. Always use fresh potting compost if planting in pots or window-boxes.

Combining Calla Lily with other plants

‘Pot of Gold’ will feel at home planted in a corner of your garden in moist soil alongside hostas. Especially one with blue-green leaves which will contrast nicely with the yellowish bracts of the Calla Lily. You can also plant several different coloured Calla Lilies together in a large planter.

Did you know that the larger part of the Calla Lily flower is really a bract? So the yellow, vase shaped 'flower' is actually not a flower at all. The real flowers are tiny and grow on the little, pale yellow spike which is almost completely surrounded by the graceful bract. As this bract stays lovely for a long time, the Calla Lilly (Zantedeschia) 'Pot of Gold' is much admired as a cut flower.

Zantedeschia as cut flower

Want to cut some Calla Lilies for the vase? Pluck the complete stem carefully from the plant. The arrow-shaped, often spotted, leaf looks great in bouquets too.

Give (Zantedeschia) 'Pot of Gold' lots of water in the summer – the soil should remain slightly damp. For more profuse flowering, we recommend regularly adding plant food to the watering can when watering. During dry periods, for plants in pots, keep a saucer with water in under the pot. When the plant is no longer flowering, you can stop feeding.

Calla Lilies need protection through the winter

The Calla Lily is not a hardy plant. Therefore it is advisable to grow them in pots that can be brought in for the winter. Keep the potting soil on the dry side during this time but do not allow it to dry out completely. A little more water can be given early spring and the Zantedeschia 'Pot of Gold' can go outside shortly after. Bring indoors again if frost is forecast.


Full sun
Partial shade
Suitable for cutting
Growth height: 50-60 cm

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