Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight'

Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' - Shrub

Buddleja davidii 'Pink Delight'  

Attracts Butterflies

Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' (Buddleja davidii) is a very sturdy shrub suitable for all gardens. The fragrant flowers grow in feathery plumes and attract large numbers of butterflies that come to your garden in search of nectar. In a sunny spot, this shrub will grow very vigorously to a height of up to 2 metres, although it can be kept compact with annual pruning. An excellent way to encourage extra wildlife into your garden! Height supplied 40-50 cm.
5 yr growth guarantee
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Make sure the root ball of Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' is well-moistened by soaking it in a bucket of lukewarm water before planting. Prepare a suitable hole in fertile soil. Improve poor garden soil by adding compost and cow manure pellets. Plant the root ball of Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' at the appropriate depth in the hole. The top of the root ball should be just slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. Place the Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' in full sun or partial shade.

Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' makes an excellent combination plant

This rich-flowering butterfly bush also makes a great border plant. You can create beautiful combinations with Acanthus Mollis and Echinacea Purpurea. Combine Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' in the shrub border with the beard flower ‘Heavenly Blue’ (Caryopteris Clandonensis) or the black elderberry (Sambucus Nigra 'Thundercloud').

You probably know of the purple flowered butterfly bushes, Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' is a deep pink version of them. It's not named a butterfly bush just for anything. Its large clusters of small pink flowers often attract butterflies. Your butterfly garden should definitely not miss out on Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight'. Not to mention, its flowers smell delightful!

The Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' is a strong shrub that requires minimal maintenance. In the winter, provide it with a mulch layer of compost and cow manure pellets. In winter wet soil is not tolerated.

Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' pruning

Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' thrives on one-year branches. You can prune the butterfly bush annually in early April to about 40 cm above ground. If necessary, you can rejuvenate the shrub by pruning 1/3 of all its branches.


Full sun
Partial shade
Fragrant plant / flower
Growth height: 200 cm

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