Brugmansia 'Twinflower Gold'

Brugmansia 'Twinflower Gold' - Plant

Brugmansia suaveolens 'Twinflower Gold'  
Brugmansia 'Twinflowers Gold' are ideal tub plants to create an atmosphere on the patio due to their lovely fragrance. They continue to flower when the trees start to lose their leaves in autumn. This plant has remarkable flowers as long as 30 cm in length. During the day the flowers spread a delicious fragrance which the flowers and leaves have created during the night. The rich-flowering Brugmansia Twinflowers bloom well into the autumn.
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Are you planting your Brugmansia Twinflowers in a pot? Give them enough space by using the right size planter. Choose a planter with holes in the base. Before filling with soil add some clay pebbles to the bottom of the pot. Plant the Brugmansia ‘Twinflowers’ at the correct depth, fill with soil and press firmly. Water thoroughly after planting and then put the pot in a sheltered spot in full sun.

Brugmansia Twinflower is a captivating plant

Due to its large, hairy, light-green leaves and huge, trumpet-shaped flowers, people say that Brugmansia form the shape of a 'U'. This exotic plant blooms from June until late autumn. Be prepared for these fragrant flowers to sweep you off your feet for several months. Give the Brugmansia enough water and feed and you'll be richly rewarded by its exotic appearance.

The Brugmansiat Twinflowers were formerly known as Datura, but the name was later changed to its present name. The purpose was to distinguish between the standing flowers of the Datura and the hanging flowers of the Brugmansiat. Did you know that the Brugmansia comes from the Solanaceae family which also includes potatoes and tomatoes? All parts of the plant are highly toxic.

The flowering period for Brugmansia is from June until the first frost; their flowering months alternate between those of the lilies. Angels' Trumpet experiences its longest and most beautiful blooms when placed in partial shade. However, if you don't have a partially shady place, they can take advantage of being in the sun. They grow at their best when placed in a large flower pot and given plenty of water along with plant food (especially in daily warm weather). Cut off the faded flowers to keep the plants powerful charisma.

How to prune the Brugmansia?

Prune this plant around mid-May and remove branches that are faded, too long, or too thin. If they are brought indoors before the first night frost they will increase in size and beauty the following year. Move the pot indoors into a frost-free room at 5-10 ° C. Water once a week during the winter. After the winter, remove the plant from the pot, prune the roots and this will help stimulate new root and plant growth. Fill the pot with potting soil and a small handful of slow-acting organic fertilizer. Water regularly after repotting. Brugmansia Twinflowers can grow up to approximately 2 metres high. You can enjoy this tropical delight for several years.


Full sun
Partial shade
Fragrant plant / flower
Growth height: 200 cm

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