Bicolour Hydrangea 'Tivoli'

Bicolour Hydrangea 'Tivoli' - Shrub

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Tivoli'  

Flower Power On The Patio

This popular Hydrangea is a very eye-catching garden feature. The bicolour flowers of Hydrangea 'Tivoli' bring a summer sensation to the garden. You'll soon appreciate the quality and the charm of the flowers in your garden, in beds, along paths, or in planters on the patio or decking during the summer. Additionally, this bicolour Hydrangea ‘Tivoli’ is very strong, long-lasting and rich flowering. What more could you ask for? Height supplied 15-20 cm.
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Make sure that the root ball of the hydrangea ‘Tivoli’ is moist by first placing it in a bucket full of lukewarm water. Prepare a large hole and loosen the soil. Plant the roots at the right depth in the hole, the top of the root ball should be just slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil and press firmly, immediately water your hydrangea after planting. This plant also grows well in a large flower pot or planter. Make sure you have holes in the base to allow for adequate drainage.

The hydrangea bicolour ‘Tivoli’ prefers moist soil

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Tivoli’ grows best in fairly moist, humus-rich soil. Improve your garden soil by adding compost. Place this plant in a shady or semi-shady area. It is also possible to place it in complete sunshine, as long as you keep the soil moist. Is your Hydrangea ‘Tivoli’ in a pot? If so make sure that it has adequate drainage.

Hydrangea 'Tivoli' has large spherical flowers which are also known as 'mop heads'. Their two-tone petals are very special: they are purple with a stunning white edge. The flowers start off green and eventually turn to their own colour. The flowers of Hydrangea 'Tivoli' are great as a dried flower. Wait until the flowers fade in autumn, cut flowers and put in a vase with a small amount of water. Then let them dry out, they will be absolutely superb!

Water your Hydrangea ‘Tivoli’ on a regular basis during dry periods as they are not tolerant of dry soil. Add plant food to the irrigation water once a month between March and July for a more abundant flowering. In early spring the hydrangea will benefit from a mix of cow manure pellets.

Hydrangea bicolour ‘Tivioli’ can be pruned

The flowers of Hydrangea ‘Tivoli’ bloom on branches that were formed in the previous year. If you prune during the spring, there will be no flowers that year. Pruning is not absolutely necessary unless the plant becomes too large. If you are pruning, remove approximately 1/3 of all its branches. You will have a year with no flowers, but the flowers will bloom normally during the second year. Completely remove all dead branches and carefully cut the dead flowers in winter, leaving the buds on the upper part of their branches.


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