Arum Lily (Calla) Mixed

Arum Lily (Calla) Mixed - Tuber

Zantedeschia sp.  

Fabulous cup-shaped flowers

What a glorious mixture of Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia)! If you plant the tubers in a spacious pot or container, the colourful cup-shaped flowers will delight you all summer long. Place your Arum Liles in a light, sunny spot and water regularly. Calla Lilies first develop their leaves followed by the stunning flowers.
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Plant your Calla Lilies in humus-rich, well-drained soil in an area with complete sunshine. You can prepare the soil by adding in some compost. Plant the bulbs approximately 10 cm deep. Calla Lilies prefer to grow in moist soil, so always use fresh potting compost when planting in flower pots and planters.

Calla Lilies make great combination plants

In a corner of the garden that has relatively moist soil, this mix of Calla Lilies combines well with Hosta. The blue-green leaves of the hosta will contrast beautifully with the flowers of the Calla Lilies.

Did you know that the Calla Lilies flowers are actually leaves? The vase-shaped 'flower' is not actually a flower. The true flowers are tiny and sit on a small, pale yellow spadix. This spadix is almost completely surrounded by the decorative leaves. Since its wonderful leaves last so long, Calla Lilies are very popular as cut flowers. Would you like to pick some Calla Lilies from your garden? Slowly pull out the entire flower stalk from the plant. The arrow-shaped, often spotted leaves can be used in flower arrangements.

Zantedeschia is classified under Araceae.

Water this wonderful mix of Calla Lilies in the summer so the ground is constantly damp. For a rich flowering, we recommend adding plant food when watering. Place a saucer under the plant pot and always leave water in it for dry periods. Do not fertilise during the flowering period.

Calla Lilies can be preserved during the winter

Calla Lilies are not frost tolerant. Therefore, we recommend over winter to grow them in a pot. Keep the potting compost fairly dry during the winter, but do not let the compost dry out. As the weather gets warmer, you can water your Calla Lilies more often and place them back outside for spring. Bring the plant indoors when there are any signs of night frost.


Full sun
Suitable for cutting
Growth height: 60 cm

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