Amaryllis 'Minerva'

Amaryllis 'Minerva' - Bulb

Hippeastrum 'Minerva'  
Amaryllis 'Minerva' (Hippeastrum) has large beautifully shaped blooms marked with an unusual red and white pattern and they are just a joy to behold. The large bulb produces no less than 3 stems, each carrying 3-4 magnificently coloured flowers. Also great in the vase or flower arrangements. The amaryllis flowers a few weeks after being potted. Order your bulbs now and we will deliver them from 31st August onwards.
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Hippeastrum 'Minerva' is quite easy to grow indoors. If they can not be planted immediately after receiving them store in a cool place. Plant in a sturdy pot filled with fresh potting compost. Cover the bottom of the pot with a layer of potsherds or hydro granules. Approximately one third of the bulb should protrude above the soil. Water well and place the Hippeastrum 'Minerva' in full daylight and enjoy the wonderful wealth of flowers. Avoid watering on the bulb. Every few days turn the pot so that the plant gets equal amount of daylight.

Hippeastrum 'Minerva' has bright red blooms with a large white heart showing pretty stripes. Each bulb usually produces no less than 3 stems, each carrying 3-4 flowers. The beautifully shaped flowers are a joy to behold. Looks striking in the vase or in bouquets and flower arrangements. Hippeastrum is still well-known by its old name, amaryllis.

Did you know that this remarkable amaryllis will thrive in a sheltered spot in the garden too? As the bulbs are not hardy remember to lift the bulbs before the first frosts appear.

Water in small amounts at first and then as you see the leaves and buds growing you can water more often. At this stage, you should add plant food regularly when watering. During the flowering period place the pot away from direct sunlight, they will then remain beautiful for a longer time. After the flowering period cut the flowers off and the stem can be removed when it begins to wilt.

Keeping Hippeastrum through the winter

Continue to water and feed your Hippeastrum 'Minerva' even after the flowering period so that the bulb can store sufficient food. Stop watering in September as round about this time the leaves start to die. Keep the bulb in a cool, dark place and repot in December to encourage growth once again.

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