8 Lilies in 8 Varieties

8 Lilies in 8 Varieties - Bulb

Lilium asiaticum  
Lilies are fabulous plants for the garden and for cutting. They are very effective planted between perennials, trees and bushes. After flowering, they can be left in the ground to flower again the next year. Also suitable for pots.
1 each of the following varieties:
  1. 'Monte Negro'
  2. 'Renoir'®
  3. 'Navona'
  4. 'Dimension'
  5. Tango® 'London Heart'
  6. Tango® 'Graffity'
  7. Tango® 'Thesire'
  8. Tango® 'Starburst'
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These lily bulbs should be planted with a depth of 10-15 cm during spring or autumn. Be sure to plant the bulbs in light, moisture-rich soil. Ideally in a corner sheltered from the wind, along the fence or between other plants, shrubs and trees. The flowers grow best when in complete or partial sunshine. When there are signs of frosts protect the bulbs and any shoots that come up as best you can with some leaves or branches so you can enjoy your lilies once again!

Are you placing your beautiful, colourful lilies around the house? Your lilies will last much longer if they are not placed directly next to a fruit bowl, as many fruits contain a substance called ethylene, which allows for the ripening process. We also recommend removing its pollen when moving the lilies around the house as it can cause annoying stains. Don't remove the pistils and filaments; this way, the flower can retain its natural and chic appearance.

You can move lilies around every 4 to 5 years. They will receive new energy from the fresh soil and the colourful lilies will beautifully bloom again and again over the years. If you cut the flowers so that you can enjoy the colours in your home, do not perform this to the same plant every year as they will become exhausted. In addition, only cut off up to half of its stem otherwise it will cost the lily too much energy to gain back its strength.

Beware of the orange lily beetle as it is the lily's worst enemy! These creatures can best be controlled by manually catching and removing them. Several pesticides exist, but lily beetles rapidly become immune to them.


Full sun
Partial shade
Suitable for cutting
Growth height: 60-80 cm

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