3 Long stemmed Roses in 3 varieties

3 Long stemmed Roses in 3 varieties - Shrub

Rosa 'Sterling Silver' + Rosa 'Barkarole' + Rosa 'Salmon Beauty'  

Plant these 3 beauties in your cut flower garden!

You will receive 3 roses in the following varieties: the 'Sterling Silver' rose, the ‘Barkarole’ rose and the ‘Salmon Beauty’ rose. The beauty of large-flowered roses lies in their perfectly formed flowers. You will enjoy these long stemmed roses throughout the whole summer and autumn and they will also spread a delicious perfume over your garden. Plant them together, or each individually – whichever you choose they will look a picture in your garden! Their long, sturdy stems make them ideal as a cut flower! They also look great in the border!
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These roses come with bare roots. Place the shrubs in a bucket of lukewarm water overnight before planting. Best to plant these long stemmed roses in the garden. Prepare a wide hole for each shrub and loosen the soil with a fork. Improve poor soil with compost and fertiliser pellets. Spread out the roots of the long stemmed roses and place in the hole at the correct depth – the graft union (the thick part where the graft is joined with the rootstock) is prone to frost damage and should therefore be about 5 cm below ground level. Refill the hole with the improved soil, press down firmly with your heel and water the rose generously. Full sun or partial shade is necessary for an abundant flowering.

Combining the long stemmed rose with other plants

All three of these roses, Rosa ‘Barkarole’, Rosa 'Sterling Silver' and Rosa ‘Salmon Beauty have lovely, classically shaped flowers. Long stemmed roses are real eye-catchers in your garden. These rose bushes look wonderful in a bed bordered with a Box hedging. You can even plant lower growing plants around the base of the large-flowered roses. Plant a ground cover such as the spotted Dead Nettle (Lamium maculatum 'Beacon Silver'). Or, create a lavender border around a group of roses. In the autumn you can also plant some tulips between the bushes to give continuous interest through most of the year.

Rosa ‘Barkarole’, Rosa 'Sterling Silver' and Rosa ‘Salmon Beauty’ are long stemmed roses with fabulous qualities: long, sturdy stems and huge, fragrant flowers. The flowers last a long time in the vase – cut them preferably early morning. Cut the stem as long as possible, preferably just above a new shoot. Remove the lowest leaves and plunge the stems immediately into a full bucket of lukewarm water containing cut flower feed. Always cut roses diagonally before putting them into water, removing about 2-3 cm from the stem using a knife rather than scissors. Never snap the stems. Change the water regularly, adding cut flower feed and cutting the stems diagonally again. The Rosa 'Sterling Silver', Rosa ‘Barkarole’ and Rosa ‘Salmon Beauty are all suitable for use with oasis to make beautiful flower arrangements.

You can encourage a second flowering by removing spent flowers back to the first five-leaflet leaf. Large-flowered, long stemmed roses need lots of feeding for abundant flowering, so fertilise your roses regularly. Fertiliser pellets should be placed around the base of your Tea roses in the winter and mixed organic compost mulch should be given in the early spring. Use a special rose fertiliser in July – follow the instructions on the packet for the correct dosage. To protect the vulnerable graft union point, we advice creating a mound of earth around the base of the bush before the start of winter. Spread this earth out again before pruning in the spring.

Pruning Long Stemmed Roses

All three of these rose varieties, Rosa ‘Barkarole’, Rosa 'Sterling Silver' and Rosa ‘Salmon Beauty’, should be pruned every spring. Prune in March leaving only about five of the strongest branches. Prune all branches until there are 3-5 eyes left (these are dormant buds that are difficult to detect). Always cut at an angle so that rain water can drip off. Also remove any unwanted suckers from the roots and any growth that is either dead or diseased. The roses that you'll receive from us have already been pruned, so they only need to be pruned the following year.


Full sun
Partial shade
Suitable for pots and containers

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