13 Ground Covers in 3 varieties

13 Ground Covers in 3 varieties - Plant

Lithodora + Thymus + Leontopodium  

A carpet of colour in your garden!

This collection of three ground cover plants consists of 3 Lithodora (Lithodora diffusa ‘Heavenly Blue’), 5 Wild Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) and 5 Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum), Alternate them to create a beautiful carpet of colour. These evergreen varieties are especially recommended for the rock garden. They also look great planted in combination with stepping stones for a pathway.
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These three varieties of ground cover grow well in the garden in well-drained soil. Prepare a large hole and loosen the soil. Improve garden soil by adding compost and granulated cow manure. Put the plants at the right depth, the top of the root balls should be just below soil surface. Fill the hole with soil, press firmly and water immediately after planting. These ground cover plants grow well in full sun or partial shade.

Ground cover plants in pots

This mixture of ground cover plants always looks special in a large pot or planter. The different varieties intermingle throughout the summer covering the entire planter creating a waterfall of flowers. This mix – the Lithodora and Wild Thyme in particular – is very interesting cascading over a wall. All of these plants require good drainage.

The Lithodora (Lithodora diffusa ‘Heavenly Blue’) has deep blue flowers, Wild Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) pretty pink flowers and Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum), can have no other than white flowers.

The varieties in this collection are all easy to grow. Do not let the soil around the roots dry out. During the flowering period regularly add plant food when watering. Basically, these varieties are evergreen but in very severe circumstances the plants above the surface die off. Do not worry, in the spring new shoots will soon form. Any dead branches can be cut off.


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