'White The Fairy' Rambling and Trailing Rose

'White The Fairy' Rambling and Trailing Rose - Shrub

Rosa polyantha 'White The Fairy'  
Ground Cover Rose 'White The Fairy' (Rosa Polyantha 'The Fairy') are undemanding and flower for a long time producing clusters of little fine white flowers well into autumn. Grown in hanging baskets or in planters, they bloom intensely producing a cascade of romantic flowers. They are ideal for brightening up the patio, decking or windowsill. Also ideal as ground cover with their long supple shoots that cover the ground with a carpet of flowers. With care, your Ground Cover Rose 'White the Fairy' will grow and flourish for a long time.
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When you receive your Ground Cover Roses from us, place in a bucket full of lukewarm water overnight. These rose bushes grow best when planted in the ground. Prepare a large hole and fill with good quality soil mixed with cow manure. Spread the roots of the roses out and plant them at the appropriate depth. The base of the stem should be about 5 cm below the soil surface, as they are sensitive to frost. If the soil and roots are dry, a bucket of water should be gently emptied into the planting hole. Fill the hole with the soil and continuously press with your foot. Plant in a sunny position so that it experiences a rich bloom.

Ground Cover Rose 'White The Fairy' in the garden

These creeping and ground covering small roses blossom very profusely. The flexible branches are laden with hundreds of double white roses. They can grow well in a large pot or planter, but they also grow well in the garden. You can make an excellent ground cover with these roses by planting a narrow strip along your garden path. This variety of rose is really gorgeous in a flower bed edged with ‘Box’ hedging.

These creeping and ground covering little roses blossom profusely. The flexible branches cover the ground and are laden with hundreds of double white flowers. First blooms appear in June and you can expect to see them right up until the first frosts.

Encourage reflowering by cutting back overblown flower stems to the first five pointed leaf. Rosa polyantha requires a lot of feeding for abundant flowering so fertilise your mini roses regularly. Scatter fertiliser pellets around the foot of the shrubs in the winter, followed by a mulch of mixed organic compost in the early spring. Fertilise with special rose fertiliser in July – check the packet for correct dosage. Pile earth around the base of the plant during the winter and spread this earth out before pruning in the spring.

Fertilising roses

The spray rose relies on plant food for a rich flowering. Therefore regularly apply a fertiliser. During the winter sprinkle granulated cow manure around the base of the bush. In spring apply a mixed organic fertiliser and in July use the special rose fertiliser. Check on the packaging for the correct amount to be used.


Full sun
Partial shade
Growth height: 40 cm

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