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Geraniums and Fuchsias

If you’re looking for unrivalled flower power in your garden, then look no further! Geraniums and fuchsias will bring you month after month of vibrant flowers in many colours. Our extensive selection of geraniums (properly called ‘pelargoniums’) will make a wonderful display in pots and containers on your patio or decking. They are easy to grow in a sunny spot, and tolerate drought better than most other bedding plants. Some even have beautifully-scented leaves too!

Fuchsias, with their ballgown-like flowers, bring a touch of glamour to the garden. They are easy to look after and will flower for a long period in the summer and autumn. Some are winter hardy, while others need to be brought indoors during the colder months. Fuchsias tolerate more shade than most other summer bedding plants, so are useful in shady areas of the garden or patio. So why not choose from the range below and brighten up your garden today?

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Variegated Geranium

from £ 11.85

Hardy Geranium 'Birch Double'
40% off second pack

from £ 9.95

Fuchsia Collection - Hardy

£21.90 £ 19.95

Tyrolean Hanging Geraniums in Red and Pink
30% off second pack

from £ 11.65

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