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  • We normally assume that a lawn will mainly consist of grass. However, there are less well known alternatives. A grass lawn can look stunning but it does also require quite a lot of looking after in order to keep it beautiful.

  • The delicate bells of Campanula herald the summer. Their small bells grace the edges of your borders or the rockery, dangling over little walls. While the larger bells create an individual focus anywhere in the border. Being so easy to grow, they are unsurpassable acquisitions in any garden.

  • By far the most ferns grow in woods and forests or other shady places. But other needs are a high humidity of the air as well as the soil, and shelter from high winds in order for ferns to develop properly.

  • The purple coneflower, or Echinacea Purpurea, is an exceptional perennial. It has been considered to possess healing powers since time immemorial, although some claims carry more weight than others.

  • The Angels' Trumpet (Brugmansia) is a notable tub plant in many ways. It has an impressive appearance, with 25cm long flower heads, and it has another added bonus: the scent! On warm, still evenings in particular, it spreads an exceptionally sweet, heady fragrance

  • Adorable flowers in beautiful colours, a long flowering period and thousands of varieties to choose from. All of which make the fuchsia, a fantastic garden plant.

  • They have a modest character, grasses and bamboos. That is why it has taken some time before they were appreciated for what they are; a welcome change in the modern garden. Their green presence can be seen and heard throughout the year.

  • Hanging baskets have a cheerful and spacious effect. You can hang one by your front door as a colourful welcome, or on walls or pergolas, but they are also very suitable for your roof garden, patio or balcony. From Britain, the cottage baskets in particular have become very popular all over Europe.

  • The fabulous Hawaiian Palm is a beautiful sight in the garden or living room, creating a tropical ambience with its magnificent green leaves and exotic appearance. The plant also produces exquisite long yellow flowers in October. These flowers increase in beauty as the plant grows older.

  • The common name of this perennial is Christmas rose. This is fully justified, as the plant begins flowering around Christmas time. When most plants in the garden are dormant, this richly flowering plant plays a leading role with its glorious flowers.

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