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  • Not everyone is aware of the benefits of pruning climbing roses in the summer. However, this is recommended if you want to enjoy their colourful splendour right through to autumn. Roses normally flower in the months of June to August.

  • Climbing roses gradually finish flowering in October. If you leave the overblown flowers on the bush, rose-hips will form. These are an attractive sight in winter, but the formation of rose-hips takes up a lot of the plant’s energy.

  • In November it is important to keep a close eye on the weather. You should be especially wary of night frost, as many (tub) plants are vulnerable to frost and therefore require extra protection.

  • It is important to regularly prune and thin out aquatic plants in order to keep the pond neat and tidy and to prevent the water from become too rich in nutrients.
    Pruning is mainly a question of avoiding too much vegetative waste in the pond, so you should regularly consider which stems and leaves are to be removed.

  • The look you want to achieve is determined partly by the colours used. You could opt for a fresh look with cheerful colours, but warm colours such as red, orange and brown also create a pleasant ambience in the living room in the cold winter months. For the finishing touch, candles are indispensable of course!

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