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    It is better not to prune a magnolia. If the tree or bush has enough space, it will automatically develop a well-shaped crown.

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    With all apricots you can remove any dead wood in March, directly after the winter. Feel free to cut back to live wood.

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    Pendulous bell-shaped flowers in a range of colours. Suitable as houseplants and as tub plants. Also available as a standard. Keep frost-free in winter as they are not hardy.

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    Frost-damaged branches of the sweet gum can be cut back to the live wood after winter. The best time to do this is in April, when the leaves start to appear. You can then see which sections need to be removed, as no leaves will grow on the affected branches.

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    The name of this plant is derived from the deep, dark blue colour of the numerous flowers. The leaves are very aromatic and turn a fine colour in autumn.

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    There are several different types of birch. Some are erect, whereas others are pendulous, as you can see in the picture. Birch trees do not necessarily need pruning.

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    Broom responds well to pruning. The best time to do this is at the end of May, after flowering. For example, you may decide you want to rejuvenate your broom through pruning.

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    Spotted laurel is a well-known evergreen shrub with magnificent speckled leaves and red berries. As it keeps its leaves in winter, it should preferably be planted in a sheltered spot.

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    If your deutzia needs pruning, the best time to do this is in summer after the plant has flowered. Most gardeners think it is a shame to prune before flowering as this reduces the number of flowers.

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    If necessary, forsythia can be pruned in April after flowering.

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