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  • Any soil is in fact suitable for flower bulbs unless it is extremely wet. Bulbs don't like to get their feet wet, so good water drainage is a prerequisite. Bulbs will also have difficulty with arid, sandy soil because of the lack of nutrients, but that problem can be solved by adding extra compost.

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    First of all, we would like to clear up a widespread misunderstanding: Bulbs are not Tubers!
    A bulb is in fact a complete plant, lying all curled up, waiting to unfold. If you cut a bulb in half, an onion for instance, you can see inside the bulb a miniature form of the plant that will grow - and these are the future stalks, leaves and flowers. A Tuber is not a complete plant but an accumulation of nutrients with buds on the outside, like the potato.

  • Dahlias are a wonderful asset to any garden. There are dahlias to suit all tastes as they come in so many different sorts, sizes and colours. Dahlias flower in great profusion from the summer to the first frost. Here are some useful tips for planting and caring for dahlias so that you can make the most of them.

  • Every garden has a spot that is ideal for allowing plants and bulbs to naturalize. Choose varieties that naturalize readily and give them a position where they can spread freely, and nature will take care of the rest. Here are some tips and extra information relating to naturalizing plants and bulbs.

  • Dahlias can be planted outdoors in May, or they can be forced in pots from February onwards. In warmer climates with no frost, dahlias can even be planted in late summer to flower in winter.

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    November is the ideal month to take stock of your garden. This is because the ground still retains plenty of warmth, allowing new plants to settle quickly and develop roots before winter. Planting in autumn gives new plants a head start of almost an entire growing season.

  • The weather can still be fairly mild in December, and as long as there is no frost it is still not too late to plant bulbs. With such a huge diversity of colours and shapes, bulbs are ideal for creating striking accents in the garden.

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    ‘Flower bulb 'is actually a collective name for plants under the ground that grow from a bulb, corm or Rhizome. This month is a great time to plant flower bulbs. Flower bulbs that bloom in the spring bring life with their beautiful colours to your garden after the winter.

  • If summer flowering tubers are forced, the flowers will appear earlier than they would if planted outdoors and left to nature. Forcing is done by exposing the tubers to controlled temperatures.

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    If summer flowering tubers are forced, the flowers will appear earlier than they would if planted outdoors and left to nature.

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