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    Pruning is an important way of improving the growth and flowering of trees and shrubs.

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    November is the ideal month to take stock of your garden. This is because the ground still retains plenty of warmth, allowing new plants to settle quickly and develop roots before winter. Planting in autumn gives new plants a head start of almost an entire growing season.

  • In November there is still so much to enjoy in the garden! We see evergreen leaves, trees and shrubs with their beautiful coloured berries, trees with a special bark – what excitement in the November garden!

  • In this month when it is damp outside you can still enjoy flower bulbs and plants indoors. So by the end of November the first flower bulbs (that were forced in October) can be moved into the lounge.

  • Your kitchen garden in November can still look beautiful with lovely winter colours! You can still harvest and enjoy the last of your homegrown produce.

  • We have listed a few gardening tips which will help you in the garden this month.

  • Outdoor grape vines enter their dormant period this month, so you can begin with the maintenance pruning, also called winter pruning, in January. This is not only necessary to maintain the shape of the plant, it also ensures a good yield (fruitwood pruning).

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    ‘Flower bulb 'is actually a collective name for plants under the ground that grow from a bulb, corm or Rhizome. This month is a great time to plant flower bulbs. Flower bulbs that bloom in the spring bring life with their beautiful colours to your garden after the winter.

  • There are as many as 500 species of Allium (ornamental onions), some more unusual in shape, but each has its own beauty.

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    Autumn is the time to plant up your spring flowering bulbs so that you can look forward to a bright and cheerful garden in the spring – just what you need after a dull and cold winter. If the soil temperature drops it’s time to get planting.

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