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    Pruning is an important way of improving the growth and flowering of trees and shrubs.

  • June is the first real summer month. Although there are many jobs to do in the garden, take your time, sit back and enjoy the warm sun and all the new colours and fragrances in the garden. Gardens and patio plants are still a fresh green but they are getting more and more colourful every day.

  • It's finally summer! June is a great month to enjoy working in the garden. Flowers are in bloom and the borders will be looking their best. Also a month to harvest early fruits.

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    Between the months of June and August mowing the lawn can be a regular task, at least once a week or sometimes more. The edges will need to be trimmed weekly.

  • June is a beautiful month to spend in the garden, but don't neglect your houseplant. They will also need your care.

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    This is the first of the summer months and there is so much to see in the vegetable garden. In June and through early summer you can harvest and enjoy delicious tasting vegetables.

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    Now well into the summer, to keep your lawn strong and healthy you will need to mow it at least once or twice a week. The smell of a freshly mown lawn is great in the garden!

  • Your containers and hanging baskets will in their glory this month providing you with lots of colour for you garden and patio. The delightfully scented Angels' Trumpet begins to bloom bringing lots of colour to the patio.

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    June is a month to enjoy working on your pond. It is also the month when young herons fly the nest, so take care to protect the fish in your pond.

  • In spite of the fine weather and summer temperatures in June, there are still lots of trees, flowers and plants in the garden that are badly in need of attention. The pruning tips below will help you to make the most of your garden in summer.

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