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    Pruning is an important way of improving the growth and flowering of trees and shrubs.

  • In July, the garden and flower beds are at their best! There are so many colours to enjoy and the wonderful fragrance of flowers such as the rose fills the air.

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    In July, you can start pruning trees and hedges. By doing this they gain more light, they grow better and it helps to improve their shape which are all very important.

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    This month is the height of summer which means most of all a time to relax and enjoy. Make time to sit in the sun surrounded by the summer colours and fragrances and leave the chores for a slightly less sunny day. But what should you be doing on those days?

  • The young shoots (laterals) develop on the vine in early summer. As soon as it becomes clear which laterals will fruit, the summer pruning can begin.

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    July is normally the start of the fruit harvesting season for several varieties of fruit. Picking fruit is a fun and healthy pastime – what can be better than fresh handpicked fruit?

  • After the fruit is harvested it is time to start summer pruning the fruit trees and bushes. This ensures that the tree will remain in shape and also that it will recover well.

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    Every week between the months of June and August the lawn can be mowed at least once a week or even more. The edges will also need tidying up weekly.

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    Vegetables need plenty of water during the hot month of July. If they get insufficient water they will almost certainly bolt and form seed, making them inedible, which would be a waste of all your time and trouble.

  • With the lovely summer weather there are still many jobs that you can do outside but there are also some indoor ones that you can enjoy doing.

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