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Bird houses and bird food

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Caring for the birds by providing bird houses and bird feed is a great way to encourage wildlife into your garden, and it can be enormously enjoyable too. Our range of bird houses provide an attractive addition to the garden but also offer a functional home for our feathered friends. We stock everything from funky, modern bird houses to more traditional designs.

Our bird feeders come in many forms and are suitable for holding seeds, nuts and fat balls for the wild birds in your garden. Don’t forget that planting some trees and shrubs in your garden will provide shelter and encourage even more of our feathered friends to visit.

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How to put up a birdhouse

When it’s time to site your nest box, it’s time to think like a bird! The ideal spot is sheltered and at least 6ft6in (2m) up a tree or wall - to keep the birds inside safe from predators. If there’s no shelter available, face the box towards the north-east: this will tend to keep it away from the wettest (west) winds and the strongest sunlight. To attach a box to a tree or branch, thread some strong wire through some old hosepipe and use that to hold the box in place, to avoid damaging the tree. Of course, the trees will grow over time, so it’s worth checking the wire every couple of years to check it’s not too tight.

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