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Patio bulbs

Planting patio bulbs is one of the quickest and easiest ways to introduce colourful flowers into your garden. These low-maintenance plants offer excellent value for money and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. We have an excellent selection of dwarf and miniature bulbs suitable for any patio, however much space you have. These shorter-growing plants are not only great for a spring display, some such as the patio lily mixed will give you fantastic summer colour too!

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Ginger Lily

£ 8.95

Tuberose 'The Pearl'

from £ 7.99

Giant Begonia 'Prima Donna' Mixed
50% off second pack

from £ 9.99

Large-Flowered Double Begonias Mixed
50% off second pack

from £ 3.49

Siam Tulip

£ 9.99

Calla Lily

£ 6.95

Ismene 'Zwanenburg'
40% off second pack

from £ 6.95

Cascade Hanging Begonias Mixed
50% off second pack

from £ 4.29

Arum Lily (Calla) Mixed
50% off second pack

from £ 8.95

Fringed Double Begonias Mixed
40% off second pack

from £ 3.69

Voodoo Lily
30% off second pack

from £ 6.45

8 Lilies in 8 Varieties
50% off second pack

from £ 9.95

Glory Lily

£ 8.95

5 Patio Dahlias - Mixed
50% off second pack

from £ 9.99

Ismene 'Sulphur Queen'
40% off second pack

from £ 7.85

Begonia Bertinii Boliviensis 'Tanais'
50% off second pack

from £ 7.45

Planting patio bulbs

Plant patio bulbs at around three times their own depth in good quality multipurpose compost. Always make sure there is a hole in the bottom of the pot, to allow water to drain through. Remember, small pots dry out much more quickly than large ones, so it’s worth buying the biggest pot you can afford. Less work and more impact! See our fantastic range of modern patio pots and containers.

Make a beautiful patio garden

Whether you have a tiny window box or spacious terrace, we’ve got the bulbs for you. Dwarf bulbs (like these gorgeous miniature ‘Petticoat’ daffodils) are just as colourful as their larger counterparts, and the advantage of growing in window boxes or pots is that they’re closer up and easier to see - all the better to admire their intricate beauty! These easy plants are great value for money - why not pot some up in an attractive container for a unique, personalised gift?

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