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Other bulbs

These bulbs are something a bit special. They’ll add a touch of class to your beds and borders or to pots on the patio. These high-quality, no-fuss bulbs will definitely get the neighbours talking! From the first glory of the snow and dwarf irises in very early spring to the last Italian arum in autumn and winter, there’s something to enliven any garden in any season.

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Tuberose 'The Pearl'

from £ 7.99

Amazon Lily

£ 7.95

Garden Freesias Mixed
50% off second pack

from £ 6.75

Siam Tulip

£ 9.99


£ 6.95

Crocosmia Mixed
30% off second pack

from £ 8.45

40% off second pack

from £ 6.95

25 Double-Flowered Freesias Mixed
40% off second pack

from £ 4.99

Arum Lily (Calla) Mixed
50% off second pack

from £ 8.95

Foxtail Lily

£ 7.75

Glamini® Mix
40% off second pack

from £ 8.65

Corn Lily Mixed
70% off second pack

from £ 5.99

Canna Mix

£ 13.50

Glory Lily

£ 8.95

Tiger Flowers

from £ 6.95

Ismene 'Sulphur Queen'
40% off second pack

from £ 7.85

Ranunculi Mixed
50% off second pack

from £ 5.99

Grow something different this year

The subtle charms of these bulbs will add a whole different dimension to your garden. Some, such as Sicilian honey garlic and Dutch iris ‘Tiger Mix’ will add beautiful flowers in unusual colour combinations. Others, including candy cane sorrel, with its amazing striped flowers, or our gorgeous fritillary offer unique patterns and forms.

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