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The beauty and fragrance of lily flowers is unique. Lilies come in a wide range of handsome shapes and glorious colours. They are ideal for filling beds and borders but will also look spectacular planted in large pots on the patio or decking. Wherever you plant your lilies, they are bound to attract attention with their fabulous blooms. They also make excellent cut flowers, so you can enjoy your own lilies indoors too.

For a touch of extra-special garden glamour, why not try our exclusive Asiatic lily ‘Queen of the Night’? Her dark blooms are sure to turn heads and provoke comment from all who see her. Like all our lilies, she is hardy and easy to grow. We have a fine range of lily varieties that do very well in the garden. See below and choose your favourites today.

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How to plant lilies

Lilies appreciate good growing conditions and will reward any effort you make to give them ample water and fertiliser. Plant the bulbs as soon as you receive them at 10-15cm depth. Lilies grow best in full sun or part shade, and will appreciate a mulch of compost in dry periods. Low growing varieties are suitable for growing in pots and containers and make a stunning feature on a patio. You can even grow lilies in plastic pots and bury them in borders to fill any gaps that appear as the season progresses. Just be careful to stake the taller kinds - they often have so many flowers that the stems become top heavy.

Beware that lily pollen can be toxic to cats, so make sure you don’t plant them where cats may rub against them.

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