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If you really want to make an impression in your garden with colour and fragrance, plant large quantities of bulbs in your borders, between your perennials or even in the grass. You can do that online with these XXL packages that Spalding has put together . These are especially suitable for large gardens, gardeners and landscapers. By planting on this scale you can make incredible transformations and show-stopping creative landscapes. The range that we offer is only available on this website! Which packages will you choose?

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Naturalising bulbs

To make the ultimate garden statement, plant generous numbers of bulbs and allow them to naturalise. You’ll stop passers-by in their tracks with sheer flower power! Why not create a ray of spring sunshine with our XL pack of yellow crocus? Or transform a shady garden with a carpet of beautiful woodland anemones?

To give seamless natural results, scatter the bulbs and plant them where they fall. This technique works especially well in woodland gardens, lawns and meadows. Just remember, if you plant bulbs in grass, don’t cut it until the leaves of the bulbs have started to die back. So why not start realizing your garden’s potential and start making your own creative landscapes today!

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