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Indoor bulbs

Indoor flower bulbs can be used to create cheerful, colourful features, whether they’re in the kitchen or living room, bedroom or conservatory! This very diverse group includes everything from the delicate and wonderfully fragrant pure white indoor daffodil Paperwhite Ziva to the bold and showy flowers of amaryllis bulbs. They are enormously useful for bringing you early, bright blooms and exotic fragrance to your windowsills during the coldest, darkest months of winter. Choose your new indoor bulbs from our selection of reliable varieties below.

Order your autumn bulbs now and we will deliver them from 31st August onwards.

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How to grow indoor bulbs

Indoor flower bulbs are generally pretty straightforward to grow. For cultivation details see each individual product page. Most of them can be placed outside in the summer, after they have bloomed, to grow strong and healthy new bulbs for the following year. They will normally start to die back as summer progresses - don’t worry, this is part of their natural life cycle! After the resting period, they will flower again the following year.

Growing indoor flower bulbs in water

Many of our top-quality indoor bulbs are suitable for growing in water. These include hyacinths and paperwhite narcissi. No mess, no fuss - it couldn’t be easier! Grow them in glass vases filled with pebbles, and add water just below the base of the bulb. We even stock specially-made vases for hyacinth bulbs. Some of our hyacinths can be made to flower using a special technique called ‘forcing’ - for more information see the individual product page.

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