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Gladioli bulbs

Gladioli make a dramatic statement in the summer garden. Their long flower spikes look wonderful in beds and borders, and they make great cut flowers. Gladioli are easy to grow and give a bright display of exotic-looking blooms in the summer months. Our varieties are specially selected to suit any garden, large or small. You can even grow the dwarf varieties such as ’Galaxian’ in pots or containers on the patio or deck.

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How to grow gladioli

Gladioli are easy to grow. Plant the gladioli bulbs in spring in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Cultivation is simple - just be sure to water and feed your plants regularly for the best results; and don’t let nearby plants swamp your gladioli - they like all the light they can get! Deadhead plants after flowering to help them conserve their energy for next year.

Corm harvesting and storage

Most gladioli won’t survive the winter outdoors, so once the foliage has died back in autumn, it’s time to lift them and bring them inside. Lift the plants and allow them to dry thoroughly in a shed or greenhouse. Then remove all the dead leaves and stems. Brush away any mud and store them somewhere frost-free and dry (a garage is ideal) until mid-spring, when they can be planted back in the garden.

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